The Benefits of Tree Trimming and Pruning

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An attractive tree is a healthy tree. Proper tree care is necessary is to keep that tree looking attractive. It is important to remember that lot maintenance goes beyond mowing the lawn and cleaning up debris. If you have been considering hiring a tree trimming service or tree pruning service, consider these five benefits:

  • Better Health: Pruning or trimming a tree keeps it healthy. Removing diseased, dying, or dead limbs can prevent further loss of limbs. In addition to preventing further dead or diseased limbs, pruning limbs can increase the sun exposure and air circulation to the remaining branches, further improving the health of the tree. Finally, regarding health, pruning can promote new growth of healthy branches and leaves.
  • Better Appearance: Pruning and trimming can improve the appearance of the tree. Overgrown, hanging branches look unappealing and negatively affect a property’s image. Well-maintained trees create a good impression, showing potential clients, or friends and neighbors, that taking care of your property is important to you.
  • Better Sunlight: Tree trimming, and pruning let nearby plants get more sunlight. Overrun limbs block sunlight, making areas under them unsuitable for other plants. Removing some of these branches, allows other plants to thrive.
  • Reduce Risks: Tree pruning, and trimming can decrease accidents and damage. Overgrown, dead, and diseased limbs are a hazard to nearby powerlines, house gutters, and shingles. Removing these branches before a major storm removes them for you is important.
  • Better Shape: Pruning a young tree helps shape it for when it is mature. Pruning is vital for strong branch structure in juvenile trees. When adding young trees, regular pruning is important to train them to grow in the way you want.

There are multiple types of pruning and trimming, and which type is needed depends on the situation.

tree trimming service
  • Fine Pruning is for aesthetic reasons. It is the process of removing smaller limbs for a better appearance.
  • Standard Pruning is for health of the tree. It is done to improve the tree’s branch structure and involves more heavy cutting.
  • Hazard Trimming is needed for dead, diseased, or dying limbs. It is also for larger overgrown branches that may be healthy but are becoming a hazard to nearby powerlines or structures.
  • Crown Reduction Trimming is the removal of major branch structures. Removing too much of a tree’s branch structure can lead to death of the tree, so it should only be down after major storm damage or when a significant portion of the tree has died. When performing crown reduction trimming, you should never remove more than 30% of the crown.

When is the best time to trim or prune your trees?

  • Winter trimming or pruning can lead tosignificant new growth with the coming spring, and is best to promote a fuller, more mature, looking tree. When using this strategy, it is best to wait until the it has started to warm up again, but before spring growth. Late February and early March are safe bets.
  • Summer pruning or trimming is best used to maintain a trees current size. It limits increase in size but can help the overall health due to the increased sunlight and air circulation discussed above, and more “food” going to the roots than new growth.
  • Other times to prune are anytime you see dead or damaged branches.

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