The Benefits of Rip Rap in Shoreline Restoration and Erosion Control

A longtime method of controlling shoreline erosion that is once again coming into favor is rip rap. Rip rap is a great option and works much the same way a stone retaining wall does. Rocks large enough to hold back the soil are stacked at the shoreline to prevent the waves from eroding away at the soil.

So what are the benefits of choosing rip rap in your fight against shoreline erosion?

  • Rip rap looks good, if gives a cohesive, finished look to your shoreline. Rip rap contributes to the look of a professionally landscaped property.
  • It has proven to be effective in preventing erosion and loss of property from waves and runoff. Much like a retaining wall, it can stabilize slopes to protect from washing out.
  • Rip rap is a relatively low cost and easy option in comparison to other erosion control methods. After the quicker installation, the maintenance is minimal, allowing you more time to enjoy your property.
  • Rip rap can support better water quality; as it is an effective method for preventing runoff and erosion, there will be less silty soil from the land entering the water directly in front of your property..

Rip rap can really benefit your lakeshore property. If you are considering a rip rap shoreline, or would like to discuss other shoreline restoration options in the Brainerd lakes area, do not hesitate to call us today!

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