Stump Grinding Vs Stump Removal

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Once that tree is down, and the branches and trunk removed. It may seem like the job is done, but there is one more thing to contend with: the stump.

You have some options when it comes to those stumps, namely: leave it, remove it, or grind it.

Leave it?

Once the tree it was supporting has been removed, the stump will deteriorate over time. Leaving the stump where it stands is an option. The primary benefits of leaving the stump are the ease of it, nothing else needs to be done, and the cost of it, or lack thereof.

Negative aspects of leaving the stump are safety, and pests. A stump can be a trip hazard for friends and family and can be the perfect home for pests. It can also cause inconveniences, as it will get in the way of the lawn mower and takes up valuable real estate in your yard preventing the planting of new trees. In addition to the safety, convenience, and pest factors, a decaying stump is just plain ugly.

Grind it?

Grinding the stump is less labor intensive and intrusive. It involves using a large grinder to take all the stump structure away. It gets rid of almost all the negative aspects of leaving the stump in place. Because it is less intensive than full removal, it is also cheaper. An additional benefit of grinding is the ship pile that can be used as mulch for other plants.

The major downfall of grinding is the fact that the tree’s root system remains in place. Just like leaving a stump prevents the planting of new trees, the large and unruly root structure of a mature tree can make it difficult to plant in the area surrounding the area from which the tree was removed. It can take years for the root system to completely degrade. That being said, if you are just trying to reclaim some lawn space, grinding may be the way to go.

Remove it?

To really be rid of a tree, you will need full removal of the stump. Full removal is invasive and intensive, as it requires excavating the root system of the tree as well as getting rid of the stump. As you can guess, full removal is the most expensive option. Another downfall of full removal is the fact that the excavation results in a large whole in the yard that will need to be filled.

The benefit of full removal is the clean slate you get. No pest, safety, or convenience concerns, and no interference with the planting of new trees.

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